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What I Want Parent to Know

I have read several articles about “what teachers wish parents knew” and they all seemed to have a tone I did not appreciate. So here what I want all the parents in my class to know…
- I am as nervous or maybe even more nervous than you (and your child) on the first day of school. I want everything to go perfect and will do my best to make that happen.
I don’t take your trust for granted. I understand that each student is someone’s baby.
- Relationships are key. I will work hard to build our relationship.
- Communication is crucial for us to be able to build relationships. I will do everything I can to keep you informed in what is happening at school. You will have my email and cell number and I want you contact me when you have questions or concerns.
- I appreciate parents that advocate for their child. As long as we both listen to each other I know we can work to overcome any situation or issue.
- I want your child to succeed.
- We will have fun
- It may take me a few weeks to get to know each child socially, emotionally and academically. Please be patient with me. I will focus on getting to know your child’s social and emotional needs before worrying about academics. The learning will began very quickly but the relationship building will be a priority for me.
- I believe in homework that is meant to practice skills that are being learned at school.  Most weeks they will have a homework packet that is given to the student on Monday that is due on Friday.  This way you have the entire week to work on homework around your very busy schedule.   In addition reading is very important and your student should be reading at least 20 minutes each night and completing a reading log. 
- I love my job.
- My philosophy :  Students in 3rd grade are gaining confidence, making their own decisions, and figuring out where they fit within their school and social communities.  There is no single description of a 3rd grader; kids develop at different paces.  While some stick closely to a favorite playmate, others remain happy to spend time with lots of friends.  But, 3rd graders in general do share similar traits as they shed their little-kid selves in favor of a more independent persona.  We will see big changes this year.

- I know there is more but, these are the most important to me.  I can’t wait to start the year!  See you Monday, August 26th.